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Alex Eubanks

Alex Eubanks

Alex Eubanks


Origin:  Union, SC


Genres:  Country, Southern Rock


Founded: 2020



Riders and Song List

Song List

Alex hails from your typical small town in South Carolina with songs that tell the story of the joys and heartaches in life. With his soulful, powerful voice, you'll understand and feel the passion behind every strum on the guitar and every note that pours from his heart. His strong roots in appalachian country coupled with southern rock give way to a marriage of two opposites that appear as though they were meant to be. 


Alex's passions of music and family and a sense of pride in a job well done drive him daily to create music that builds a bridge between Alex and his audience. With influences such as Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels and  David Allen Coe he began his music journey in 2020 during the height of the pandemic by simply uploaded content to TikTok. His brand quickly gained momentum with followers commenting on his unique voice and style that brought a different feel to the well-known cover songs he sang. His following has reached just north of 5,000 and is growing by the day.

With a single release of his new song "Got To Move On" that hit streaming platforms recently, Alex is making his mark on the music world in his own special way. This southern son is rising over the horizon with a shine that will never be eclipsed!

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